Silver Lake Area Demographics

The Silver Lake area is a seasonal community where the vast majority of the housing units are occupied primarily during the summer months.

Since the population is primarily seasonal, the estimated number of persons range from less than 1,000 during the winter months to over 14,000 in the peak summer months.  With the inclusion of “day users/visitors” the population can swell to well over 20,000 in the summer months and nearly 25,000 on the 4th of July.

The data used in this report was derived from the U.S. Census, Oceana County Department of Equalization, brochures of campgrounds & hotels, web, statistics from the Silver Lake State Park, survey of property owners, along with other sources and programs such as Google Maps and ArcView GIS.

The population figures contained in this report are estimates.

The purpose of this analysis is to provide a greater understanding of the Silver Lake area and to hopefully help guide decisions regarding public services, infrastructure requirements, and to facilitate a more proactive approach to responsible planning and further development of the area.

Report link – SL Demographic Report 02152015
June 2015 Annual Meeting Presentation link – SL Population Study Presentation