Silver Lake Water Quality Management

Silver Lake’s water quality is dependent on many factors. The lake is officially managed by the Silver Lake Improvement Board (SLIB), a governmental board established by the Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA, Public Act 451 of 1994), Part 309. This management can include regular monitoring of the water quality and the development of programs/treatments designed to improve the lake and it’s fishery. The SLIB also has the power to assess property owners with lake frontage or deeded access to Silver Lake for its operational funds. There are 530 properties assessed by the SLIB in 2023.

The current firm hired by the SLIB to provide professional lake management services is Restorative Lake Sciences (RLS). A new 5-year management plan has been developed by RLS in coordination with the SLIB. This plan was been reviewed for practicality and adopted by the SLIB in April 2023.

The following are SLIB Reports as provided by RLS and others –
1. Restorative Lake Services – Silver Lake 2023 Water Quality/2023 Management Recommendations Report with Biochar Efficiency Results
1. Current SLIB/RLS 5-year plan – SLIB/RLS 5-year Management Plan (2023-2027)
2. Restorative Lake Services – Silver Lake Runoff Evaluation 2022
3. Restorative Lake Services – Silver Lake 2022 Water Quality
4. Restorative Lake Services – Silver Lake 2021 Water Quality
5. DNR – 2020 Fish Study – Silver Lake Oceana County
6. Restorative Lake Services – Silver Lake 2020 Water Quality
7. Restorative Lake Services – Silver Lake 2019 Water Quality
8. Previous SLIB/RLS 5-year plan – SLIB/RLS 5-Year Management Plan (2019-2023)
9. December 2013 Silver Lake Evaluation
10. 2011 Silver Lake Water Quality Monitoring Report_Progressive Engineering