USGS/GVSU Evaluation Reports & Maps

The USGS/GVSU Evaluation (2012-2015) produced/developed lots of valuable SIlver Lake water quality information including the reports, presentations, maps and articles shared here –

Reports –
1. 2011 Silver Lake Water Quality Monitoring Report_Progressive Engineering
2. December 2013 Silver Lake Evaluation
3. 10 Ways to Protect Silver Lake
4. USGS Final Report
5. USGS Final Report Summary

Presentations –
1. Silver Lake Action Committee Diagnostic Evaluation June 2012
2. USGS-GVSU Presentation June 2013
3. Lake Mapping – Progressive
4. USGS Presentation June 2014
5. GVSU-AWRI Presentation June 2014
6. USGS Presentation June 2015
7. USGS Presentation & GVSU Recommendations June 2016

Maps of Silver Lake
1. Silver Lake Mapping Article April 2013
2. Map references –
a. 1893 Map
b. Silver Lake Depth Contour DNR
c. Silver Lake Depth Contour May 2012
c. Silver Lake Depth Contours with Labels
d. Silver Lake Dune Arial

Sewer Reports
1. Sewer Options Community Dialogue August 2017
Options Report Handout
Options Presentation
c. Community Dialogue Results
2. Silver Lake Pre-Engineering Sewer Report

Newspaper Articles
1. Oceana Herald Aug 2011 to Aug 2013

Additional reports and data about Silver Lake can be found at the Lake Improvement Boards website.